About GreekMentors.com

GreekMentors.com is a Greek American Chamber of Commerce collaborative initiative. We leverage our connections and common goals in the wider Greek community. We have created cross-organizational partnerships that offer valuable resources to the Greek-American youth.

Our partner roster includes:

Hellenic Medical Society
Hellenic Lawyers’ Association
Hellenic Federation of New Jersey
Consulate General of Greece
Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus
American Hellenic Progressive Association of America

Origin of the word Mentor

“Mentor” is defined as a wise and trusted advisor or teacher. Mentors share knowledge with less experienced individuals in order to help them advance their life, enhance their education, strengthen their careers and build their networks.
It is very fitting that the word “mentor” is of Greek origin. According to Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor, in his old age, was a friend and loyal advisor of Odysseus. When Odysseus left for the Trojan War he entrusted Mentor with the care and education of his son, Telemachus. When Athena visited Telemachus she took the disguise of Mentor to hide herself from the suitors of Telemachus’ mother Penelope. As Mentor, the goddess encourages Telemachus to stand up against the suitors and to go abroad in order to find out what happened to his father.

It is our goal to facilitate mentoring relationships in the Greek community. We want Greek-American mentors to guide and help the next generation, like Mentor “mentored” Telemachus.

How does it work?

GreekMentors.com is easy! The platform is a start of access for young students or professionals to request and find a mentor in a field of choice. By completing the simple online form including your contact information and field of interest your information is captured centrally, vetted and matched to an appropriate mentor. Mentor information is not shared with a mentee until a match is organized with the mentor’s permission. Once a match has been established, the mentor’s contact information is shared with the mentee. The mentee is then expected to contact the mentor.

What can a Mentor do?

The Socratic paradox teaches us: “the one thing I know is that I do not know everything”. We don’t know everything. However, when we capture knowledge and acquire the expertise of others it saves us time and spares us from mistakes.

As a student or professional you may trying to determine or figure things out. Select a career, join the work force or further your education? Mentors can ask you good questions that will help you reflect and think about what your next step should be.

Sometimes you will hit barriers. There will be disappointment at certain points of your journey, but a mentor can be there to provide you with support and encouragement.

Career advice is available at universities, but GreekMentors.com offers the unique opportunity to discuss these issues from a Greek-American perspective. Having a career discussion with someone from a similar background is always productive. Click here for more benefits to mentorship.

Professions / Industries

Over the years we have built a strong roster of mentors that wish to share their knowledge and help students out. Some have also taken it a step further by hiring and developing Protégés. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Academia
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/Advertising/PR
  • Consulting Media/Arts/Film/TV
  • Education/Teaching
  • Medicine/Health Care
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance

If you’re interested in a career not listed here, or if you’re interested in a specific area or specialty, just let us know, and we will endeavor to do our best to find you a suitable mentor.

Nothing is more important to the growth of business and the Greek community than attracting and retaining exceptional talent. The Executive Mentorship Program, presented by our Hellenic Young Professionals Network, connects ambitious young professionals with seasoned, high-level business leaders charged with supporting them in their professional and personal development.

The success of this program can be attributed to the dedicated mentors and its growing popularity. Mentees report that, thanks to the initiative, they have grown professionally and are more rooted in the community.

As a mentor, you’ll help shape a young professional’s future by sharing your knowledge and providing a firsthand glimpse of life and work in Tech Valley. Mentors and mentees often find that the learning has been mutual and that the relationship has grown in ways not foreseen at the start.

In order to establish a successful relationship, mentors and mentees need to be:

  • Willing to be responsible for their own growth and development
  • Receptive to feedback and coaching
  • Active in seeking challenging assignments and responsibility
  • Able to learn from mistakes
  • Self-aware
  • Positive
  • Goal-oriented
  • Open and honest with each other

Request a Mentor

There are number a great benefits of mentorship. If you’re a student, or just starting your career you may:

  • Seek advice on education and careers
  • Develop vital listening and networking skills
  • Freely share ideas
  • Define workable goals for career and educational development
  • Develop a professional relationship that fosters guidance and support
  • Increase your confidence and build self-awareness
  • Be challenged to go further, take risks, set new goals, and achieve at higher personal and/or professional standards

We are currently only accepting requests for mentorship.

About you (Mentee)
Area of interest
Additional Comments

Role of the Mentor

  • Provide time and accessibility to the mentee
  • Get informed about the mentee’s professional background and interests
  • Share personal experiences and map out their career path
  • Offer a range of advice and opinions on job search and professional interests
  • Help build networking opportunities and share contact information

Time Commitment

The length of your mentorship relationship is up to you, however we request that you commit at least 4 hours over 2-3 conversations with the mentee.

Qualities of a Successful Mentor

  • Organizational knowledge, competence, and experience in their field
  • Ability to guide students toward their own solutions, rather than presenting them with ready-made solutions to problems
  • A good listener
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback
  • Trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Empathetic
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Willingness to commit time to the mentoring role

Sign Up to become a Mentor

A mentorship relationship can have almost as big of an impact on the mentor. Experienced professionals may:

  • Strengthen their knowledge base and improve their communication skills
  • Enhance their leadership, teaching, and coaching skills
  • Identify potential talent for recruitment to their own business or industry
  • Create new support networks with other professionals in their field and promote greater camaraderie among professionals within and across institutions
  • Provide intrinsic satisfaction by helping an emerging professional develop to his/her potential
  • Demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to personal and professional development of self and colleagues
  • Gain valuable insight as mentees can provide a fascinating link to what is happening with the next generation in an industry or business
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