Our Mission

The Greek American Chamber of Commerce serves to:
  • Advance the commercial interests of the Greek American community
  • Promote trade and business cooperation among Greek American businesspeople
  • Facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge within the Greek American business community
  • Promote trade with Greece and Cyprus.

Who We Are

The Greek American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1992.  Initially it served the New Jersey Greek American business community.  In 2006, the Chamber expanded into Pennsylvania by starting a separate division to service the Greater Philadelphia region. The Greek American Chamber is an institution that offers significant benefits to the community.  It is the vehicle that can propel young Greek American businesspeople toward success by giving them the opportunity to meet other successful persons in the Greek American community.  It is also an institution that helps create strong and lasting business contacts for seasoned members of the Greek American business community.  Recognizing the pivotal role that the Chamber can play in the business community, the Board of Directors has instituted several innovative programs. The Chamber operates in three regions: Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia. Each region is headed by a Regional President, has its own advisory board drawn from prominent business leaders in the various communities and plans its regional events and activities.